Report AMC 2018: Nigeria - Togo - Benin - Burkina Faso - Ghana - Tansania


The African Marathon Challenge in Tanzania, The Gambia and Togo offers tropical marathons in a family atmosphere. The AMC is a series of charity events that supports long-standing educational projects. Exotic instead of Big City: Off the beaten tourist tracks, the marathons are organized and celebrated with the people in the villages. No one remains a stranger here for long and leaves as a friend. The marathons do not just begin at the start. All of the 15 AMC events have been really family so far. There was far-reaching assistance with transfers, hotels and an easy-going get-together where friendships developed.

The running dates also offer the opportunity to combine the journeys with the marathons in Ile-Ife, Nigeria and Parakou, Benin, which are linked in partnership with the African Marathon Challenge.

AMC, that is much more than "Big City" events. Convince yourself in paradise: My Zanzibar family is looking forward to seeing you in September.  


2019-02-03 Ile-Ife, Nigeria

2nd Ile Ife Heritage Marathon



2019-02-07 Serrekunda, The Gambia

1st Smiling Coast Int'l Marathon



2019-02-09 Kanalai, Gambia

1st Smiling Villages Int'l Marathon



2019-02-13 Palmeira, Cabo Verde

1st International Sal Marathon (canceled due to transport problem Gambia-Sal)



2019-02-28 Aného, Togo

1st Marathon des Royaumes



2019-03-02 Lomé, Togo

3rd Marathon Int'l du Togo



2019-03-05 Kpalimé, Togo

3rd Trail-Marathon des Papillons



2019-09-26 Bwejuu, Tanzani

2nd Int'l Marathon Zanzibar South-East Coast



2019-09-29 Kiwengwa, Tanzani

2nd Int'l Marathon Zanzibar North-East Coast