2nd Smiling Villages Int'l Marathon, The Gambia

Sorry, this race is canceld due to political unrests expected in December 2019.

Saturday, January 18th, 2020


Welcome to the Smiling Villages Marathon. Welcome to the Gambia. It is one of two charity marathons in Gambia in 2020. We will continue the African Marathon Challenge 2020 smiling. In Gambia we have familiar contacts to the Gambian soccer federation. In this project we ship last year 15 computers and a bunch of football equipment to Gambia. We will grow up this idea to spread educational software with the free OS Linux Ubuntu.

The Smiling Villages Marathon will be run in the area of Kanilai. It is on the south bank of the Gambia river. Get familiar with the marathon track on the interactive map. To visualize the running direction use the interactive elevation profile (upper right icon). You can download the GPX-Data or view the track on a different map application using gpsies.com.

All details of the marathon organization like time schedule and transportation will be published on this site and will be sent to registered runners by email. To participate you have to show us a medical certificate not older than one year which shows you are fit to participate in running marathon competitions under tropical climate conditions.




Interactive Map

GPX Marathon track

Karte aller MDMs

External Map: Gpsies.com